Sunday, 21 April 2013

Striped Mini Skirt completed!

It took me 1/2 a day but my skirt is cute! The weird thing was that the zip as waistband should have been hard and the seams should have been easy... But it was the other way around!

I have a weird body shape... My hips and bottom are non existent (unlike the rest of me) and so it looked as if I was wearing ballooned pantaloons... I had to trim the slope of the skirt right down at least 4 ties and I swear I was measuring!

The saddest part was I had to cut off my lovely Zip! :-( because it was not flattering the line of the skirt. It is ok though because I don't need a fastening in it because I can just pull it on with relative ease(... Due to weird body shape)

I am most proud of the fact that my size seams match perfectly and the stripes create a perfect v at the sides :-)

I wonder what I will do next...?

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