Sunday, 21 April 2013

My New Workspace

I have cleared a LOT of stuff out of my spare room and now have a lovely work area. It is a bit plain and scruffy looking at the moment... But hopefully as I develop my sewing skills I can make it lovely.

My old sofa is in need of covering and cushioning up. I am also wanting a new coffee table to put my machine on... The big desk hurts my back after a while and the current table doesn't belong in this room.

I also want nice bright curtains and a wall hanging. But I still love the room. I especially love my wall paper... It is very "me" and cheers me up when I look at it.

I heart my wee sewing machine. My dressmakers dummy is currently in my living room with a dress that initially started out as an alteration I was doing for myself and has become a part of my actual decor! :-) It will soon return to its rightful home to be used as it was intended.

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