Monday, 21 April 2014

Green is my colour!

Ok, you will learn that I am obsessed (OBSESSED) with the colour green. I always veer towards it. A wee while ago I made this floral tea dress in a lovely green fabric. I used the adapted bodice from my Hawaiian dress and decided to make a self-drafted half circle skirt instead of the peplum pencil skirt. I gave the skirt concealed pockets (which I love). I made my own pink piping this time. I am sharing it with you now because it had its first outing to a dance event at the weekend. Unfortunately, I was too busy dancing and mingling that I forgot to ask anyone to take a proper pic of it in "full swing" (excuse the pun) so I apologise in advance for the dodgy selfie type picture... But it is all I managed to get. Hopefully you can get an idea of howit sits (kinda). Must try harder getting proper photos. Hope you like it. I would love to read your comments and thoughts (or criticisms! Lol) so... If there is anyone out there, please let me know ;-)

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