Monday, 21 April 2014

Green is my colour!

Ok, you will learn that I am obsessed (OBSESSED) with the colour green. I always veer towards it. A wee while ago I made this floral tea dress in a lovely green fabric. I used the adapted bodice from my Hawaiian dress and decided to make a self-drafted half circle skirt instead of the peplum pencil skirt. I gave the skirt concealed pockets (which I love). I made my own pink piping this time. I am sharing it with you now because it had its first outing to a dance event at the weekend. Unfortunately, I was too busy dancing and mingling that I forgot to ask anyone to take a proper pic of it in "full swing" (excuse the pun) so I apologise in advance for the dodgy selfie type picture... But it is all I managed to get. Hopefully you can get an idea of howit sits (kinda). Must try harder getting proper photos. Hope you like it. I would love to read your comments and thoughts (or criticisms! Lol) so... If there is anyone out there, please let me know ;-)

Monday, 14 April 2014

I have been a busy bee

I know I haven't posted in aaaaages! This doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I have been sewing my wee heart out.

I thought I might share some of my newer creations with anyone that may like to see! 

I am also working hard on improving my techniques and trying new things.  I have been avidly watching The Great British Sewing Bee again and I don't know what I will do now that it is finished for another year. 

Anyway... Here are some pics of one of my newer outfits. I mainly wear it to my dance events and parties. 

I call this one my "Banana Man Hawaiian Wham dress"... As the print is Hawaiian inspired but reminds me of banana man and wham bars (yum!). It is based on a simple freebie shift dress pattern I had. I added a double peplum to the sides, changed the neckline to a sweetheart, made and inserted my own contrasting bias bound piping and added capped sleeves... And I obviously had to do a major full bust adjustment :-/ as usual!  It looks killer with yellow heels (but I also have my dancing heels that are turquoise and pink leather). 

Sorry about this pic above... It was take on my phone, in the dark and prior to it being dressed and hemmed! 

Thanks to anyone who bothered to read my blog today!

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