Sunday, 5 May 2013

Green and pink scrap wrap skirt

I started and finished this spontaneous project in a few hours. As mentioned previously, I want to use my big bits of "scrap" before cutting any new fabric. This fabric is the remnants of the first skirt I ever made when I got my sewing machine a few years ago. The skirt went straight in the charity bin. It was god awful! Bulky, squinty and just yuck... But I loved the fabric.

I luckily had this in 1 piece, so I put a slight curve to it and made it into a wrap skirt.

I decided to attempt piping. I made my own... But I only had pink baby cord (from my carousel dress) left. So I know piping is meant to be bias cut, but I didn't as it was corduroy. The piping was ok for my first attempt and since I still only have a universal foot for my machine!

The only thing left is to attach a big pink button and make it a fake wrap by sewing the inside partly up... I don't want a breezy incident! It sits pretty well.

I put it on my dress form for the fitting and hanging length and trimmed as I went along. Hope you like it - I am totally in love with it.

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