Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spotty Green Skirt : completed

Mission accomplished! In record time (as I want to wear it tomorrow evening) I actually abandoned most of the pattern once I cut it as it was starting to look a bit naff and fussy. The basic skirt pattern is a perfect shape for me though so be prepared to see many versions of this shape. I ignored the waistband instructions and interfaced and created my own waistband. I abandoned the side button flap... I discovered I have no buttons, it was going to make me look even wider than I already am (and may still be scared slightly of the buttonhole function)

As I mentioned before, the bib was simply never on the cards either. However, it is nice to have a quick and simple pattern that can be whizzed up in the space of a couple of hours max.

I am still debating on whether to add the patch pockets though. Suggestions please? :-)

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