Monday, 6 May 2013

Floral Swish Dress... My own pattern!

Today, I decided to attempt the swishy dress. You may remember I bought the lovely Amy Butler floral print especially for it? Well... A few issues.
1. The katjusha free pattern on burda is definitely not my size. Not even close. I thought... It's ok, I'm sure it can be scaled up.
2. The fabric is really short on the width. I definitely could not get a circle out of it and if I cut it any other way, I wouldn't have fabric for the rest of it!
3. Most importantly... My bust. There are 3 parts to the katjusha bust panel (not including a lining) and that would mean a lot of editing and re-adjusting and I. Would no doubt get it wrong.

So then I started thinking (whilst watching Step Up again) "why faff around with someone else's pattern and hope for the best - why not attempt your own pattern?"

Now, I'm still a novice, but I found a few you tube videos and websites that had plenty of ideas on how to construct a circle skirt without having a huge piece of fabric. I also have lots of tissue paper and a dress form that has my measurements.

I went for it and cut the skirt first. It pinned perfectly together (2 halves) except it is just a bit shorter than I'd have ideally liked because of the fabric width, but I'm very short anyway and usually knock off a few inches at the hemming stage of most things anyway. And I will still use the lacy trim that I purchased.

So then I used my tissue and started draping, pinning, drawing and sticky taping segments together for the bodice, bust and back. It may not be how professionals do it, but is so far working for me.

I hate bulging skin or the side of my bra showing - this is what I usually have to put up with in regular shops. I also am not fond of halters from the back (unflattering on me and limit the type of bra that can be worn) so I thought... I can make the fabric go where I really want!

I am mostly inspired by a dress that I saw on eBay a few years ago. I tried to buy it but they sold out of my size then stopped making it completely. It is one where there is a "boob shaped curve" to the bodice under the bust. It also had buttons down the front. I may attempt that too. Just have to see if it would be too fussy.

I'm currently pinning and pinching away and working on the bust at the moment. Will publish the next bit of progress soon. Excuse the background mess! I'm too excited to tidy as I go. :-)

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