Wednesday, 1 May 2013

spotty skirt project

I am starting my new project! I bought Cloth magazine at the weekend and fell in love with the skirt shape I the "pinafore pattern" in issue 17. To be honest, I felt that the magazine overall was not worth the cash and I probably won't buy it again, but at least I will make a project first.

Some changes though... I think the bodice/apron/front bib is pretty lame and homemade looking. Therefore it is ditched and I am only making the skirt part.

I have decided that it is a perfect project for my green dotty Amy Butler fabric. For an extra pop and because I am a bit crazy for clashing colours, I am using bright pink for the pocket flaps. I will probably use pink buttons too.

The pattern has been re-sized to fit human shape rather than supermodel sized. It has been cut out and ready to sew! :-)

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