Monday, 29 April 2013

Denim Dress! Ta Da!!

I finished my dress and I am quite proud of it. I hacked up the front and completely re-designed it on Sunday. I love the new neckline and fit!

Obviously as this dress is so far from the original pattern, it is safe to say I will never make that high neck design again.

It can be worn in its own, with a cardi or over a t-shirt. It is so comfy too!

I'm most proud of my zip and the fit of the bust (not perfect, but getting closer)

Apologies about the pics... They aren't the most flattering and don't do the dress justice IMHO!

Now looking to see what to start next!


  1. Great work on making those neckline changes!

    1. Thanks! I did debate about it for a whole day before plucking up the courage!


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