Friday, 19 April 2013

Sewing fabric - tips on working with different fabrics

I thought I would try and find some more information on how to work with specific fabrics.  As I am a beginner, I certainly won't be using slippy fabric or anything really stretchy or "with nap".

However, I would like to be able to use fabrics with some stretch to them so that they are sturdy enough to stay in tact after I have butchered it.
This is an excellent clip that has taught me lots:
1. Change to a ballpoint or stretch needle when using knit/ stretch fabrics (I didn't even think about this!)
2. Do not use a straight stitch on a stretchy fabric or the stitches will simply snap when the fabric is pulled- use zig zag stitch instead. (so that's why my first skirt failed horribly!)

I love this girl... "The Crafty Gemini" - she explains things really clearly.  This is part 1 of her "sewing with stretch fabric" videos.
The second part of her video - I have never heard of a "walking foot" for a sewing machine until now!

Hope this helps my fellow beginners!

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