Sunday, 28 April 2013

Denim dress... Complete re-design!

I have been working at this silly high scoop bib yoke for EVER!! I have moved it, trimmed it, darted it more, pinned it, pressed it and all other things you can think of. It was eventually "ok" but I didn't think it was flattering at all.

Therefore, I finished the finale of project runway with a cuppa tea... And thought " if they can hack up 'ok' clothes to make them completely different, then so can I!" ... And that is what I did.

It is now a far more flattering v neckline (with a slight curve) and almost looks like a wrap top.

The new adaptations are all pinned but not sewn yet... Oh, and also the side seams are getting trimmed down another inch at either side too.

Last adaptation... I don't think the sleeves will look cool. Am "editing them out"... Hopefully I can use the fabric for something else.

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