Friday, 17 May 2013

A busy bee!

So, I haven't had much time for personal creativity this week. I have had a busy week at work (lots of reports to write), I have also had a 3 day intensive training course to attend... It was utterly inspiring but has left me in an exhausted heap at the end of each day. I am also overrun (again) with tonsillitis and cold so it has been a real task just to get up and function each day. I'm still suffering but a bit better.

I have made a point of wearing all of my creations this week though. I have also been pinning a lot on Pinterest. Mainly about collar and neck line types.

You see, I am stuck with what sort of neck and shoulder detail to do with my tartan dress... I want it to have detail and interest rather than being a run of the mill dress. Any ideas? :-)

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