Saturday, 4 May 2013

Completed denim scrap skirt

As mentioned, I used bias cut triangles.

2 big isosceles triangles for the front and back and 2 smaller ones for the side seams (these ones were placed upside down and so mainly make the waist circumference)

Once I had played with the scraps for a bit, it was really like putting a jigsaw together. No zip or buttons required due to the extra give of the bias cut denim and the fact I have no hips. I wanted it to sit low so didn't give it a waistband, just a tiny hem and the bottom just got a fancy zigzag stitch with no folded fabric because 1. I didn't want it any shorter and 2. I like the look of the more fluid raw edge. The skirt moves better this way.

I will definitely use a similar technique again with my other remnants. I am glad I got 2 projects out of fabric bought for 1 project. Next time I may add contrasting piping and perhaps a pocket too.

The denim is dark so it is hard to see the detail. Therefore I have taken a picture of inside and out. Hope you like it! I can't wait to wear it!

Ps I am joining in with MMMay... I think I am doing pretty good so far (yeah I know we are only a few days in!)... 2 projects under my belt and wore something made by myself everyday so far! :-) My aim is to accomplish a project per week and to wear a self made clothing item at least twice in a week. I am running out of clothes though, so need to make more! Haha

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