Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ooooh! New fabric!

So, payday arrived. I wheelied out of the carpark after work to the nearest (not very near) fabric shop!

After a lot of pawing and ogling, I settled upon a lovely floral Amy Butler fabric - it was on sale and the kind shop assistant gave me extra because it was the end of the roll (or whatever the 'roll' is called). Along with the pink ribbon trim and the lace/ pink gingham trim, it will be used (hopefully) to make the free 50's swing dress pattern on Burda, "Katjusha"!

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I am actually a modern jive dancer and boy do I get my use out of 50's style dresses... Anyone knows of any other free patterns, I would be very grateful! :-).

Below are some of my current dresses in action... Well, before I got too sweaty anyway! (unfortunately I didn't make them)... I hope to also make my own petticoats as the ones I own were bought and I wish they were a tad shorter and in brighter colours (I own black or white).

I also got a green spotted Amy Butler fabric too... Again on sale but less than 2 metres left. I have no firm plans for this one yet... Skirt or shift dress perhaps.

Last but not least, I got 2m of lightweight denim and am going to re-attempt the "plaid dress" from sew hip issue 2... This time I will take more care and follow all of the steps to the letter!

Later everyone!
Claire@ squintyseam

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