Saturday, 27 April 2013

Denim dress update

I have made more progress than I would have expected! Yoke attached to front, Back left and right panels joined together (without zip at moment) and I have pinned and repinned LOADS... To check and recheck the fit.

Alterations so far...

Had to put in another dart at each side of the yoke. Also had to pull back seam allowance more than I may have been given because I am fitting the zip inside rather than the silly outside position in the pattern.

I have still got some fit issues... I think I need to place 1 more dart on each side of the outside front bust part of the dress. Next time: note to self. When pattern says do darts first... Do not! I'm pretty sure I just needed to reposition my darts and then I'd have less.

* if you look at the close up, you can see my darts including the extra ones and the outer ones that I have pinned but not seen yet.

**one image shows the pattern neckline and the other is my rough attempt at seeing if I can/ should lower and widen it.

Also... These extra darts may affect the sleeve holes. I haven't checked yet.

Lastly, the neck line is still WAAAY too matronly. I really want to make the scoop lower and wider. I also want to lower the neckline at the back a bit too... Otherwise it will be too tight a fit.

Anyone got some tips or pearls of wisdom for me in my hour of need, I'd be very grateful!

I am off to bed now as I can't concentrate any more. Will look with fresh eyes tomorrow.

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