Friday, 19 April 2013

Fabric Choice

Something a new sewing enthusiast (i.e. me) finds difficult is understanding what fabric to use for different creations and for ease of use.  It is also quite scary to know that some fabrics must be handled differently.

I have been rummaging around You Tube again and have found some good clips that explain fabrics in a bit more detail.

I have also just found out that denim is similar to a "chambray" fabric and is apparently quite easy to sew. I guess it depends on whether there is lycra in the denim fabric or not though.  The message seems to be "always wash the fabric before using it".

I am a bit torn now though, as I thought stretchy fabrics would suit me best because of my curves.  Obviously the message is clear - I HAVE to get to work in perfecting the pattern alterations so that having a stretch is not so much of an issue!

I thought this one was quite cheesy and I had a chuckle, but It does give some information too. 

The difference between Polyester and Cotton.

Lots to think about!
Hope other people find these clips as helpful as I do.

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